06 September 2008

3 weeks to go (until the due date - 28 Sep)! Time flies when you’re having fun.

At the last doctor’s visit the baby’s head was fully engaged and ready to go. Over the next few weeks we’ll be putting the final touches on the nursery, getting the last bits and pieces we need for the baby (minor things like diapers and wipes), and stocking up our freezer with easy to cook meals.

My virtual baby shower has officially kicked off (thanks Jami!!!!). I’ve already received a few gifts and am hearing from a lot of people with well-wishes and encouragement. Thank you to everyone for your support. Even though I am so far away I feel very loved and looked after.

I am still feeling pretty well. It’s much easier now that I’m off work, mostly because I don’t have to sit upright in an office chair and pretend to care about daily work tasks anymore, when really all I could think about were cribs and strollers and bouncy chairs.

I’ve put a few pictures up here. The most recent one (taken just tonight) is of both Pete and I. I don’t know if I’m going to get much bigger than this, but I’ll try to update weekly with pictures so you all can see.

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Jami said...

Wow! Look at that cute bump! We can't wait to hear the good news of her arrival.