13 May 2008

Ultrasound Video !

Here's a video of our most recent ultrasound (20 weeks, or so). The first is a 30 second cut of a good bit - a clearly identifiable offspring, and a little wave hello.

The second is the full 11-minute Director's Cut, for those with spare time and/or an interest in spotting developing body parts inside another person. Watch closely. The doctor will point out bits and pieces.

See if you can spot the following:
- hands
- heart (four chambers!)
- parts that make her a girl
- feet
- femur

PS - there is no sound. Your computer is not broken.

30-second cut

Director's Cut (11 Minutes)


Hbear said...

It's a girl?!?!? YAY! Congrats!!!!

Kaz said...

Jesus H.! It's a whole baby already! crikey. Congratulations!

Are you really annoyed that they misspelled Liz's name? I would be. totally. don't worry - normal people are probably looking at the baby.

--Kaz (anal spelling friend)

Jennifer said...

Puts ol' Bambino Patrick to shame. Francesco actually dug these things out of Dailymotion the other day so I had a quick look. Couldn't tell the sex though. Mom and Mary told me. Nice!

Jo said...

Love the Director's Cut. She is very wriggly!

Maria said...

Wow! Congratulations! Wow...again! So, no more writing on your back, huh?! Or stealing golfcarts?! Well, we (Chris, Jade, Deb, Jamee, & Dan) all wish you well!

Redstink said...

Hi Pete, She looks like you except for the 'girl bits'. Her face shape is the same as you. She obviously likes sucking her thumb the gorgeous little thing. x Tracy

mdts0606 said...

that is seriously one of the coolest things i have ever seen. they so didn't make a video back in 04 when we had ultrasounds. i noticed liz's misspelled name, too, kaz! she already looks super cute, love the thumb action already, and i think she may have liz's long skinny toes! congrats, love, and hugs, tia