12 November 2008

Stella Smiles!

5 weeks in and Stella is changing so much everyday. She is getting chubbier, smiling, laughing and squirming around loads. She can follow sounds around the room and concentrate on brightly colored books for a few pages at a time. She loves the zerbert and the rasberry (fart noises with your lips) and is completely mesmerized by her butterfly mobile. She is even starting to settle into a sleep pattern where she sleeps for about six hours in a row at night!!!!!

Pete's mom Louise has been visiting for a few weeks now and is taking very good care of us. We are very lucky that she was able to come out and visit (mostly me, I'm very lucky!).

Here are some more pictures and videos of our gorgeous girl. Enjoy!

Smile for that man!

Two minutes of Stella doing nothing!


Monica said...

My favorite video yet. So fun just to watch her in that chair and her little movements. She is beautiful. Keep the updates coming!

Redstink said...

Hey, she doing something......she's looking beautiful!!!