26 May 2009

Baa Baa, Maa Maa, and Pattacake Play

Stella is almost 8 months. She's started making consonant noises - "Baa Baa" and "Maa Maa" - and if you're a paranoid father, it certainly seems like she's saying "Mama" and meaning it. Though she probably doesn't really know what she's saying. She could just as easily be saying "Da Da", right? They're just noises. Maybe.

She LOVES standing, so we got her a table (eBay, bargain!) - a little, short Fisher Price table with toys attached to it and a British voice that says irritating things that repeat in your head while you're trying to sleep. But she gets these amazing looks of satisfaction and happiness when she's working at her table... priceless.

She's developed a habit of sticking her tongue out, not in an offensive way, but in a really cute way where it curls up her lip whenever she's happy, or content. See the last 7 or 8 photos below for examples, where her tongue is out in nearly every one. Its genesis was possibly from a cold she picked up, and a habit of capturing the snot dripping down from above. Gross, but also funny. Now she's got a whole new expression. Which we'll have to discipline out of her before her first job interview.

Below is the next installment of photos and a couple of videos. Enjoy!

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Monica said...

I love the one of her in the swing. She looks so confused right before you let her go. Like, "what are they doing to me?1" And then as soon as she takes off, her smile brightens up her face. So cute!