06 July 2009

Outside as long and she was inside

That's right. 9 months. Stella's spent half her life on the inside, but is adjusting to life on the outside with aplomb.

She's crawling now - not winning any races yet, but certainly getting from A to B. Mostly, she grudgingly crawls to a spot where she can haul herself up to a standing position - the ultimate goal of any Stella endeavour. This means the couch, a leg, or her table.

She's also got a tooth! Ol' Chopper is the bottom right-side central incisor (Stella is a grand-daughter and great-grandaughter of dentists).

Stella also vigorously shakes her head "NO" now. It's possible she doesn't understand the exact meaning yet, but she does understand it makes the task of getting food in her mouth excruciatingly difficult for Mommy and Daddy, and this seems to be enough. She now shakes her head no in all sorts of other situations, whether called for or not. Maybe she just likes the movement....

FYI: For any videos from this site, click on the black and yellow "SD" button at the bottom if the video. Select "HQ". This will give you a much higher quality version of the video. Good for details, like identifying right-side central incisors.

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