04 February 2010

16 Months!

Stella is 16 months old. I cannot believe how fast time goes by. She is in the middle of a vocabulary explosion! She repeats everything you say (careful!), or at least tries to. She can tell you most of her body parts, identify colors and animals, say a few choice people's names including her own, and ask for her "dummy" (aka: pacifier, soother) by name.
She is learning to color, loves to go to the park and go up and down the slide - which she can almost do all by herself at some parks - and is becoming more and more interactive with other children. We went to a children's play area in one of the museum's yesterday and it was a make believe construction site where the kids build a house. Stella stood behind this 5-year-old boy handing him bricks the whole time. It was really so sweet.
She has 4 teeth plus 2 more (the ones next to the 2 front teeth) that have just poked through the gums. This is really helping her with her eating. She can now eat her peanut butter and jam sandwich like a big girl (rather than mommy cutting it up into little bite-sized pieces). She still isn't very fond of veggies (the texture really freaks her out), but she will eat frozen corn (this was a major breakthrough!). Otherwise she prefers her veggies pureed and in a tube for easy consumption.

Here are a few recent photos. Enjoy!

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