11 July 2010

Family Dinner Time!

Normally Stella eats dinner at 5pm and she is the only one eating. She has become quite a fussy eater (she eats the same thing each night for dinner) and we are trying to get her to try new things. So we have implemented Sunday family dinners. We cook and eat dinner early and together and try to get her to eat the same thing as us. Yah right! We have been trying to get her to try pasta for the past few weeks with no luck at all. It's a good night when we get her to touch it! So tonight we tried pizza. What kid doesn't like pizza?!?!?! Here are the pictures to prove it: no pizza, no way, wouldn't even touch it!

She also had her first real boo-boo today. She fell down and skinned her knee. She immediately cried out "hurt knee!" in her sweet little voice, which I was so proud of! She got her special band-aid and a little treat to make sure she was feeling better.

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