06 January 2011

Happy New Year!

It's been a while!

Stella is changing so much everyday. She is now sleeping in a big girl bed and she is up to all sorts of antics. It took her a few nights to realize that it was possible, but she likes to get out of bed and put everything that's not nailed down in her room into her bed. This includes blankets, sheets, towels, toys, books, and 2 drawers full of clothes. Basically, anything.

One night we went in her room at 11pm, as we were going to bed, and found her sleeping in her chair. She was slumped down and snoring a little bit because she was all scrunched up. Ridiculously cute!

Anyways, she manages to stay in her room at night, so we pretty much let her roam around figuring that the novelty will wear off soon (which it has already begun to).

We had a really nice Christmas and New Year. We were so excited setting up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve because we knew how excited Stella was going to be. We bought her a Sylvanian Family dollhouse and set it up next to the tree. She loved it and played with it all day! In the afternoon we had a few friends around for a lovely dinner and a Secret Santa gift exchange. The weather was great and we really had a very nice day.

For New Year's Pete and I had our 2nd annual Game Night for Two. We managed to make it to midnight yet again and watched the spectacular Sydney fireworks on the big screen.

Here are some pictures of our holiday, including a trip to the zoo!

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