30 May 2008

Houston, we have movement!

I was sitting in a work-related seminar last week, when a woman, a complete stranger (it was the second day of the seminar and I sat next to her on the first, so I suppose not a complete stranger) leaned over and asked if I was pregnant. I was a little shocked, because even some of my friends still say they can’t tell. Even as I grinned from ear to ear and replied “Yes!” enthusiastically, I found that I was not only shocked, but also kind of offended. Just wait a second here, what exactly was this woman implying? Was she calling me fat?!?!? As you can see, the infamous emotional irrationality that plagues some women during pregnancy, is not affecting me in the least.

Aside from starting to show (and some minor emotional trauma), I have also very recently started to feel the baby move. Although it would be more correct to say that I have recently identified that I can feel the baby moving, because (as you can see in the video) it has been moving for a while. But the sensations have been so incredibly faint, that I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. Well I’m sure now. It feels like a gymnasium has been installed in my belly and the child is swinging from side to side, because the movement is now unmistakable and all of the time. It’s really exciting…at times. At other times it’s quite uncomfortable. But mostly exciting.

Our last doctor’s appointment (22 weeks) revealed “a single female foetus” with no observable abnormalities. 10 fingers, 10 toes, and appropriately sized limbs and organs. Next we have to book my in-patient stay in the hospital, the pre-natal class that Pete and I will take starting at 32 weeks, and our next doctor’s appointment is at the end of June (26 weeks) where they will do some blood tests for gestational diabetes and to see if I’m getting enough nutrients (iron, folate, things like that).

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