20 June 2008

Photo Update: Baby Bump!

Definitely showing now! The photos swapping below are from 1 June (white top), the second from 20 June (pink top).

(PS - I've tried to get them as similar as possible in size, so you can flip them back and forth.)

Note crummy Sydney weather. Yes, it was three weeks go, but it could've been any day between now and then.


Carla said...

Look at you!!! I wish I was there to touch your tummy! A girl who works with Mike is like 5 months preggers and is already bigger than you, YOU WIN!!! I am so excited for you! Any names yet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz! Mike Lucas told me you were pregnant and sent me your blog. Congratulations! I'd been trying to track you down. Larry had told me you were back in the states. Doesn't look to me like you're coming back any time soon!

Well, I just wanted to wish you well - to you and Pete. Stay in touch.

- Cathi Sciacca

Melva said...

Good post.