01 July 2008


I walked out of the house this morning with no make-up on. Relaxin.

I am a person who has a very defined routine in the morning. I do things in a certain order, every day. First I wash, then I q-tip (only with q-tip brand q-tips, imported from America), then I tone, then I apply eye cream, then I brush my teeth, and so on and so forth. Eventually every morning I get to putting on make-up. This morning I don’t know what happened. I got into the elevator to leave before I realised I was bare-faced. I had to laugh, and went to work just like that. Relaxin.

I’m also having trouble finding words for things; I just can’t seem to find the right way to express myself sometimes. This happens of course at the most inopportune moments, mostly in business meetings, in the middle of jokes and also when attempting to write blog entries. You can’t tell by reading this, but it took me 10 days to write. Relaxin.

Apparently, this is just my hormones “having a bit of fun”. There is one hormone in particular that I like to blame, it’s called relaxin. It’s meant to relax your joints, ligaments and muscles during pregnancy. But it seems to have also relaxed my brain. I can also look forward to forgetting why I walked into a store, where my purse is, whether I turned off the stove (I can almost guarantee I did not). And my brain-cell volume actually decreases during the third trimester of pregnancy (which I just began on Sunday)! It’s been said that this is a clue that you need to simplify your life. But it seems to me that things could get a little complicated wandering around town not knowing why, with no money, no identification and a house that could possibly have burned to the ground while you were gone.

Anyways, we had another doctor’s appointment last week and all is well. I was tested for an assortment of things like diabetes, anemia, and StepB. We’ll get those results at the next appointment (unless of course they are disastrous). Things are moving right along and I still feel really good. Just hangin out…relaxin.

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