13 July 2008

Our new house!

After living with Noel in Woolloomooloo for 2 and half years, it was agreed that the apartment could not support a fourth flatmate - even a little tiny one. Especially one with no job, a predilection for screaming in the middle of the night, and appalling bathroom habits.

After an exhaustive Internet search yielding 223 prospective new abodes, we whittled this down to 22 places that looked good in the pictures, then down to 6 that had viewing times last Saturday. The first place we viewed was a clear winner. The estate agent told the handfull of couples looking at the place that the first person to get back to the office and put down a deposit got dibs. So we shoved the nearest couple to the ground, fired up the Toyota Echo we'd borrowed from a friend, and rally-drove to the real estate office, credit card in hand.

Exaggerated story short, we got the place, and move in 29 July!

The new place is the entire ground floor of a duplex in a suburb called "Forest Lodge" - which is neither in a forest nor contains lodges, but is in the inner city, about 3kms from the city centre. To those familiar with Sydney, "Forest Lodge" is a fancy term for "Glebe". It has two bedrooms, a sunroom and a back garden.

We're very excited. All the books say Liz is getting special hormones that make her want to "nest" (ie re-arrange furniture and buy new cutting boards) - and there's nothing better to help one nest than moving. Also, it turns out Noel owns everything useful in the current apartment, so we're moving, as it were, to something of an empty nest. eBay is afire with our searches, and we're having fun feathering the new nest.


Monica said...
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Monica said...

I can't beglebe you got it:) Excited to see it in person!

Hbear said...

what a cool place!!

congrats :)