06 February 2009

4 months old!

Time flies by so fast, Stella is 4 months old today! She is really turning in to a little person with her own little bright, bubbly personality. She has accomplished so much since the last post. Most notably she rolled over (30 Jan 09)! It was such a shock at first. I lay her down on her back on the play mat and then went to use the bathroom. I could hear her making struggling noises and fussing a little and I just called out to her, letting her know I would be back in a minute. When I came back into the room, there she was on her tummy and balanced up on her arms! I was so surprised, I thought maybe I was going crazy and had left her like that (which I never would do, because she gets upset on her tummy to quickly). So I picked her up and lay her back down on her back. I walked over to the kitchen and just as I turned around she did it again, rolled over on to her tummy all by herself! She continues to roll from side to side when placed on her back and from her tummy she sort of tumbles/rolls onto her back, but she hasn't repeated the back to tummy roll. She is also attempting to blow raspberries at us. We have been blowing raspberries since her first few weeks and this was the first thing that made her smile. She has been sticking her tongue out at us (with a cheeky grin) for a little while, but more recently has started blowing with her tongue out, as she is trying to blow raspberries. It's so funny and cute, she always starts laughing when she does it, like she gets the joke now. Oh, and laughing, her smiles have turned into short giggles, which have turned into real laughter. There is nothing I would rather hear than my child laughing away. I'll have to get this on video somehow (it happens so randomly). We took Stella for her first swim in a pool and she loved it. It was such a hot day outside and the pool was so cool and refreshing. I even dunked her head underwater and she didn't seem to mind all that much, although she was a little disoriented.

We have signed up for 2 classes: Kindermusik and mums n bubs yoga. Kindermusik is a music class for babies. We basically go in and learn little songs and sing and dance around to entertain the babies. Our first class was this past week and it was really fun. I think Stella was overwhelmed by the whole thing because she fell asleep the minute it was over. We also had our first yoga class which Stella really liked. It was very interactive. The instructor showed us how to entertain baby while we are in the poses by wiggling fingers or snapping. Then at the end of class we did some baby massage and some baby yoga moves which she definitely seemed to enjoy. Part of me thinks all of these classes are more for the mums. It's nice to get out of the house and do something different. She doesn't seem to tire of having the same toys waved in front of her, but man sometimes I do! Haha.

Her schedule is getting a little bit more predictable now so it's easier to get out and do things. She is also now sleeping in her cot (crib) in her own room! This is probably more traumatizing for me than it is for her. I wake up all night long thinking I hear her and have to go check. She's fine though, and is a champion sleeper (sometimes!); last night she slept for 10 and a half hours straight! (although this does not happen every night)

More pictures and a video below

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Tracy said...

Love the photos! Stella is beautiful!