22 March 2009

Toes, bath, swing and slide

The newest addition of photos includes:

  • our attempts at a family photo (not yet successful)
  • bath time: Stella now knows how to splash in the bath!
  • toe-eating caught on camera
  • special delivery: St. Patrick's Day snack
  • stroller shots: Stella no longer hates her stroller
  • more swimming, this time with daddy as well
  • a day at the park, swings, slide and all!
The video shows Stella attempting a raspberry. She is actually an expert raspberry blower at this point but she is a little camera shy.


Courtney said...

Very cute. Especially the bath picture. I keep thinking that she is getting so big, but the swing pictures really put things back in proportion!

Monica said...

I absolutely love the bath photo. Keep updating! You guys have done a wonderful job.