04 May 2010

All of the fun things we do

I can't believe a month has gone by! So many things have happened!

In the photos:
-Stella in her beautiful Easter dress (thanks Mamere!)
-out for a walk with Daddy
-play date at the park with Boh
-a trip to the Sydney Aquarium
-more playing at the park (we play at the park a LOT!)
-Playgroup Fun Day 2010 with pony rides, choo-choo rides, a petting zoo and coloring!

Stella is a competent talker now. She speaks in sentences and repeats most things that we say (careful!). She is obsessed with Play-Doh! I have sat with her for an hour doing play-doh, and an hour doing anything at this age is insane. She likes to "Make man!!!!", which she repeats over and over until you oblige. You have to roll out a face, then make eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, and lovely hat (one time I said 'oh, that's a lovely hat' and now all hats are lovely hats) which she mashes into the face. Then she talks to the man and her teddy talks to the man. Then we scrunch him up and start over again. We also use animal cookie cutters to make different animals who all talk to each other.

We started a new music class that Stella just loves. It's a small class, with about 7 other kids. She is really starting to gain some confidence and let her personality shine. She loves clapping, stomping and dancing along to songs and she loooooooooooves Ring Around the Rosie. I recently taught her to play with her teddy bear which is so cute.

That's it for now. Enjoy the photos!

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Tia said...

omh! love these pics. esp. the one of stella and pete walking hand in hand (i'm always a sucker for that kind of pic), and she's sooo cute with the other little girl in their hats! thanks for posting some new ones.....