25 May 2010

19 months

I think this age is my favorite, but I also wonder if I will just continue to say that as she grows up, because Stella just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Toddler talk is my favorite thing ever. Stella is quite a chatterbox and has some pretty advanced skills for her age (I think). She enunciates when she meows like a kitty, it's hilarious. And my favorite words are any words ending in -ail, which get pronounced with an extra syllable, eg: snail - snaillel, tail = taillel. It's so cute, I love it. What else, she has seemingly forgotten the word 'elephant' and replaced it with 'everyone', which is funny because she also uses 'everyone' appropriately ("hello everyone!" is one of her favorite expressions). She distinguishes between a lion (which says "roar!) and a tiger (which says "grrrrrr!).

Counting progress! As most of you know Stella can now count to 10. She doesn't necessarily understand what it means, but she gets the right order of numbers every time. For a while she would count "1, 2, 3, purple, yellow, red...." followed by any other words she could think of, and then for a while she could count to ten, but would always skip 6 and 7, and then just skipped 7 for a while. But we are at last there, she can count to ten. She understands what one thing is, and what two things are, but beyond that seems to be a little confusing. Ask her how many of something there are, and she will undoubtedly respond by counting to ten.

And she is learning her "ABCB's", hehe. She attempts to sing the whole song, skipping quite a few, and turning "LMNOP" into one letter, as should be expected for this age. But if you sing the song you can stop on any letter and she will tell you what the next one is...pretty impressive I think!

Her favorite things to do are still reading books and playing with Play-Doh, although getting in to things, like boxes and baskets, is probably pretty high on the list as well.

Here are some recent pictures and a video. Enjoy!

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