13 June 2010

New photos!

Stella is becoming quite conversational. If something exciting happens she likes to have the same conversation about it over and over. I think it's something like when you are learning a new language and in class you write out conversations and practice them over and over. She is also coming up with things that blow me away all of the time, showing me that she really is starting to understand what goes on around her. Last week we had some friends over and as they were leaving she said "thank you for coming over". Obviously she had heard me say it another time when people were leaving, but I was just stunned. She also recently informed me that a "gull is a type of bird". It was so funny. We talk about all different types of birds all of the time and how they all have beaks and feathers and she just came out with that on her own.

Here are the latest photos. Enjoy!

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Tracy said...

Sooooo adorable! Glad to see your family so happy!